Mortar Ministries


Welcome to Mortar Ministries. We are happy you stopped by. Mortar Ministries is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to serving the needs of many through the gifts of music, audio visual, and drama.

We are helping to raise a new level of ‘music missionaries’ with an equipping

anointing.  It is our goal to assist the many churches that do not have the resources that many of the larger churches have. (see our links)

Where possible The MM team will help to fill vacancies that occur from time to time in the areas of worship, or sometimes to share a worship that may be unique. It is our desire to train up a new voice to the worship leader. One that will have resources often not available to the smaller churches. Our resources include professional musicians, writers, arrangers, light and sound technicians, drama, multimedia and more

We feel that one of our greatest gifts, and one of our greatest responsibilities is our brave men and women who have served us so faithfully in the military. We are committed to working with them in whatever way we can and one of the ways is that we proudly ride with the Minnesota Patriot Guard.

Please see the links and photo section.

Again, we welcome you to Mortar Ministries, and we look forward to sharing the joy of worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ with you.

Rev Rick Norling


upper left: Pastor Bill Breimhorst at WaterBrooke Church in Victoria MN, right:Yamaha Grand, lower left: Ride for the troops June

Mortar Ministries

“There are Many Bricks, We Need to be the Mortar”


This song is Midnight Cry, and it was performed by Gold City 24k Gold. Go to their website to order this wonderful cd.  One of my favorites and very appropriate for the time we live in.